What is the truth about "speaking in tongues"?.

by Niall Mc Gowan .Oct. 13, 20153

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As I studied the subject of Spiritual gifts and “speaking in tongues” I was shocked in a big way after watching a huge amount of videos and web sites from so called “enlightened” people and the thing that truly disturbed me is that NOBODY warned about the dangers of messing with Spiritual gifts ESPECIALLY speaking in tongues.

Speaking in Tongues will now be abbreviated to "SIT" ...

The Gifts of “the Holy Spirit” on the day of Pentecost are also called “The Fire Gifts” because of the phase used about “fire coming down” and “fire resting on the apostles” and “tongues of fire”.

So if the Gift of the Holy Spirit is described as “THE FIRE GIFTS” then WHY is nobody warning about “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and the dangers of getting into the spiritual world and “playing” with spiritual matters...?

Dont mess with fire.

We are warned NOT to take part in the Spiritual “Communion or Breaking of Bread” if you have wilful sin or unrepentant sin in your heart. And so before you go into the Spiritual realm and use the Spiritual gifts you should MAKE SURE you are in fellowship with the Creator and that there is NO wilful unrepentant sin in your heart!

People should examine themselves BEFORE they take communion OR go into the Spirit realm.
Christians seem to forget as they “play church” and “play holy games” that they may as well be playing with a wee gee board or with voodoo when you misuse the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT because the devil “the evil spirit” and “the anointed cherub” is a master of deception and a master of counterfeits and you cannot mess with a full time devil if you are a part time Sunday Christian.

Christians never mention the devil when they play there “holy games” and believe the devil cannot play with us; he is barred from entering our “holy games” and foolishly believe the devil must run when we speak our special language to our god.

To that I say there were demons with the apostles on the day of Pentecost YES they were the ones mocking and saying “these men are drunk”.

Acts 2:13.

Ask yourself who would MOCK the work of The Holy Spirit? ......demons of course!
Act 2:13 Others (demons) mocking said, These men are full of new wine (drunk)

Today those same demons are literally making Christians sound drunk and sounding like babies and they are the very same demons of Acts 2 using Christians of today to again mock the Holy Spirit by this time “sounding drunk” and having people laugh at them ...
On the day of Pentecost the "speaking in tongues" was a sign to unbelievers because they heard the apostles speak the wonderful works of Yahweh IN THERE LANGUAGE and that led to 3000 being saved on that day.

Today speaking in tongues is a sign that the person "is mad drunk and cuckoo" and it makes the unbeliever laugh at the LALADADA BABA and baby babble that insults the wonderful works of Yahweh that gets no one saved BUT instead makes people RUN RUN for their lives from these crazy Jesus freaks and holy rollers ..

Chants mantras and dancing of satan?

 The devil for thousands of years has been using unholy chants and mantras (tongues) to get people into a trance which allows them to enter into his unholy spirit world of possession.

TODAY if you walk into a “charismatic” meeting in a “Pentecostal” church you will see people chanting in babble and then rolling around the floor and out of control, they can then break into uncontrollable laughing and being “drunk in the spirit” and that is devil POSSESSION and unholy..

To back up there demonic “drunk in the spirit” church demons point to Acts 2:13 and say LOOK THE APOSTLES SOUNDED AND LOOKED DRUNK forgetting that the people saying that the apostles were drunk WERE DEMONS MOCKING the apostles and the Gift of Tongues..
Act 2:13 Others (demons) mocking said, these men are full of new wine (drunk).
Only demons would MOCK the Holy Spirit!!

If you don’t think the devil can possess a person in a church PLEASE look at some of the videos on You Tube were so called “born again” Christians are rolling around the floor out of control in a demonic fit of laughing or in a rage and then look at an Indian tribe before they go to war dancing chanting and out of control and it will become clear that it is THE SAME demonic spirit BUT just in a different franchise..

Slain in the spirit the scam of being considered special.

The Pentecostal movement and churches are fully demonic because they ONLY wanted to see outwardly signs of salvation and the devil happily stepped in and is filling the church with disorder and confusion were the Pentecostal members feel “WE ARE SPECIAL” with their babble and gibberish.

The Pentecostal church is two tiered there are those who are saved because they speak in tongues and the others who “the speaking in tongues clan” don’t really want or like to be around because they do not speak in tongues and so are NOT saved.

There are many ministries today who teach there is ONLY ONE YES ONE sign of true salvation and that is tongues. These ministries reject every single sign of true salvation of which there are dozens mentioned in the Bible and INSIST "YOU MUST YES YOU MUST "SIT" TO BE SAVED.

The speaking in tongues ministries makes sure all members become parrots and "SIT" by offering  every new member take a class and in the last session makes all the people stand while a person "teaches" them how to SIT .

As a person who tuck one of these classes in 1984 I can say I felt embarrassed and awkward standing up with others in a class full of "REAL" saved people AND SO when it can to my time to SIT I just babbled out the same gibberish I heard used many times by other parrots and then got a big pat on the back from a leader who said "that is it you are now saved".

The question is what spirit is in control?.

This two tiered “I am saved because I speak in tongues and you are not because you do not”, does untold damage to the faith of ordinary people who in time can even leave the church felling “I am not loved” “I am not worthy” and “I must be a very bad person” because I do not speak in tongues like all the rest..

The Pentecostal teaching that ONLY saved people “speak in tongues” is from the devil because it causes division and makes elitism a reason to be saved. Countless people have lost their whole faith in The Creator and have fully fallen away from Christianity because of the attitude and demonic teaching of the Pentecostal church…

The demonic Pentecostal movement was championed by the devils and demons Rodney Howard, Kenneth Copeland and demon master Kenneth E Hagin along with many others who can be clearly seen in dozens of videos laughing and falling around drunk in the spirit shouting and babbling in gibberish and making a fool of and mocking the “HOLY SPIRIT” in ways the devil would be proud of in a completely disorderly and disgraceful way were the devil clearly shows his hatred for the HOLY GIFTS.


On the day of Pentecost there were 12 apostles and the people gathered in Jerusalem were from 14 regions (Acts 2:9-11) but most spoke just 3 languages so including dialects each apostle could speak the wonders of Yahweh to a group of people in their language or dialect and be fully understood.

This miraculous gift was called “tongues” and was given to the apostles ON THAT DAY to be used to teach the unbelievers gathered “the truth” and to demonstrate to the unbelievers the absolute proof of “POWER” being given so that this astonishing manifestation ON THAT DAY would give glory to the Creator and lead to the salvation of 3000 people. (Acts 2:41)

The people saying that the apostles were drunk were demons mocking the Holy Spirit and are the same demons that today “LAUGH DRUNK IN THE SPIRIT” and are again mocking the Holy Spirit!!!!!!

All the Pentecostal people who blabber with gibberish and babble are also mocking the Holy Spirit and the magnificent and miraculous works done on the day of Pentecost. Act 2:13 Others (demons) mocking said, These men are full of new wine (drunk).

When the apostles started to speak in tongues they were MOVED/ INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT to speak in an unknown language “to the apostle” BUT a language that was fully understood by the person who heard them speaking!
A person being "Led" and "taught" how to babble.

"SIT" is NOT possession it was simply the apostle being inspired WHAT TO SAY but when he opened his mouth the words that came out were miraculously changed into the words of a different language SO THAT other people could understand so that THEY could be blessed and find salvation.
Today in the pagan Pentecostal church people are psychologically moved BY PEOPLE to babble like a baby in gibberish. This I know because I was there on many occasions as demon filled leaders “TAUGHT” people how to speak in tongues.
The sad sad thing about the Pentecostal meetings I have seen are just how demonic and delusional the people who attend these meetings are and how demonic and demeaning they treat the HOLY SPIRIT as they lead a person into baby babble and how easily people are willing to open a door to the spirit world without fully understanding the dangers.

The first thing everyone is told when they are led by a person into speaking in tongues is that it is a new language to YOU! And so it will sound like baby talk because YOU! Are only learning to speak a new language and so YOU! will start slow with only a few words but soon YOU! will be fluent and YOU! will in time speak in tongues perfectly...?

The demonic teaching that YOU! have anything to do with the words that come out when the CREATOR moves and inspires you is an insult to the Holy Spirit and is fully of the devil.
When you are saved what you have to say will change.

Yeshua/ Jesus said Mar 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in NEW tongues.

The words “NEW TONGUES” is very misleading in most bible translations but The Scriptures 2009 uses the words “RENEWED TONGUES” which agrees with the transformation on a person’s life when they are “saved” that there whole life is changed their whole attitude behaviour and the way they speak becomes “RENEWED!

Mark 16:17 IS NOT talking about speaking in tongues IT IS talking about THE RENEWED person THE RENEWED life of the person THE RENEWED attitude and outlook of the person “saved” WHO WILL SPEAK WITH A RENEWED TONGUE after he believes Romans 10:9-10 about Yeshua/Jesus.

Paul had the most renewed tongue of all.

The best example of the renewed tongue is with Paul who says 1 Cor 14:18 "I thank my God, I speak with (RENEWED) tongues more than ye all:

Paul as we know was the biggest hater of Christians and killed more of them than anyone else and so when the HOLY SPIRIT came on him Paul there was a huge example seen of a man being renewed and instead of speaking against the followers of the Hebrew Yahweh and killing its followers Paul was HUGELY transformed with a "renewed" tongue and went on to "SPEAK IN A RENEWED TONGUE MUCH MORE than anyone else and received much more "RENEWED INSPIRATION" and SO Paul went on to write most on the NT ..

The idea that the Holy Spirit IN YOU needs to learn to talk trough you is demonic and demeaning.

The idea that the CREATOR of the heavens and the earth and trillions of galaxies who created all that with “HIS VOICE” needs to LEARN TO TALK trough you a mere man is just ridiculous and demonic.
Did the donkey need to learn how to talk?.

The Creator who spoke the earth into being with his VOICE does not need YOU to learn how to talk trough YOU!!!!!!!

Did the donkey need to learn how to talk when THE CREATOR spoke through him when the donkey delivered a message??

Did the donkey say laladadababashbashba da bababa or other gibberish?? NO NO NO the donkey just spoke as THE CREATOR gave him utterance, just like the apostles did on Pentecost.
The demonic gibberish spoken in the modern apostate church by its pastors is simply gibberish and gobbledegook and the only people in church speaking in tongues are PARROTS who want to be in the big boys church with the big boys toys playing the big boys “GAME OF CHURCH” and feel pious as they look down on the poor fools in the other church playing WITHOUT ALL the toys we have.

One of the most correct things you will hear a Pentecostal person say is “WE ARE SPIRIT FILLED”...
And to that I say “WHICH SPIRIT” because all I see in Pentecostal churches is disorder confusion and utter chaos were people are filled with a demonic spirit that mocks the “POWER” and truth of the Holy Spirit … RUN RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE……


The Spiritual gifts should TODAY be used in a “home church” with a small number of people who know each other very well so that the gifts can be done properly, decently and in order and that everyone is kept honest in their use of the Gifts and the accuracy of the words spoken and if anyone feels in their Spirit a misuse of the gifts then they SHOULD STOP the gifts being used.

RULE 1: 1 Corin 14:6-17 ..
Tongues is a sign to unbelievers (1 Corin 14:22)
In a home church setting where there are gathered a small manageable number of people who are having a believers meeting with communion (breaking of bread) and sharing the word of Yahweh and ALL the people for example speak English and a person comes into the meeting who ONLY understands for example German the Holy Spirit MIGHT inspire a none German speaking person to speak in the tongue of the German person in order for that person to be blessed with the word of Yahweh being taught in the meeting and become amazed and saved by the “wonderful works of Yahweh”” being spoken to him in his language by a person he knows does not speak German and that would be a miracle.
ALL words spoken to the German visitor MUST also be “interpreted / translated” into English so that everyone at the meeting is blessed and edified by “the wonderful works” of Yahweh.

All tongues must be interpreted.

RULE 2: 1 Corin 14:27
Tongues must ALWAYS be interpreted so that EVERYONE is blessed. If you hear a person next to you in church or even a pastor speaking in tongues in church WITHOUT interpreting what is said, HE IS mocking the Holy Spirit and it is a demon AND IT IS HIS demonic ego doing the talking and not the Holy Spirit!

RULE 3: Every single language in the world has profanities and even harmless and blessed words in English are profane in other languages so when someone speaks in tongues there will not even be a hint of profanity, the language will be pure.
Speaking in tongues is a pure language from The Holy Spirit = The Creator and flows like a pure language and is not filled with babble!!
This is demonic gibberish Nananadadadabababa” “lalalalabababsbabadadadbobbonono”

Philip with the Ethiopian Eunuch.

RULE 4: (2:37-42; 8:26-40; 9:1-19; 13:44-52; 16:11-15; 16:25-34; 17:1-10a; 17:10b-15; 17:16-33; 18:1-11; 18:24-28).........................

Speaking in tongues IS NOT! the ONLY sign of being born again.
"SIT" is a manifestation of the Spirit, but the big question is WHAT SPIRIT the Holy Spirit OR the demonic spirit of religion ?...

The demons in church who want you babbling like a baby use Mark 16:17 to prove EVERYONE should speak in tongues BUT BUT if you just take a minute and read the words you will see it is NOT talking about speaking in an UNKNOWN tongue IT IS talking about speaking in a RENEWED OR NEW tongue ..
Mar 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in “new tongues”; The words “NEW TONGUES” is very misleading in most of the bible translations BUT The Scriptures 2009 uses the words “RENEWED TONGUES” which agrees with the transformation on a person’s life when they are “saved” that there whole life is changed their whole attitude behaviour and the way they speak becomes “RENEWED!

Every saved person uses new words with a new tongue.

Mark 16:17 IS NOT talking about speaking in tongues IT IS talking about THE RENEWED person THE RENEWED life of the person THE RENEWED attitude and outlook of the person WHO IS “saved” WHO WILL SPEAK WITH A RENEWED TONGUE after he believes Romans 10:9-10 about Yeshua/Jesus and the Holy Spirit lives in him.

There are many  verses in the Book of Acts were there is a proof of true salvation and NO MENTION of speaking in tongues (2:37-42; 8:26-40; 9:1-19; 13:44-52; 16:11-15; 16:25-34; 17:1-10a; 17:10b-15; 17:16-33; 18:1-11; 18:24-28)

All "SIT" is inspiration.

RULE 5: (2Ti 3:16) "SIT" is Holy and is "inspiration".

Because Speaking in tongues is “inspiration” from the Holy Spirit it is also the same way the Bible was written (2Ti 3:16 All Scripture is breathed out (inspired) by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness).
And so The Holy Spirit can also inspire you not only to speak but also to write “the wonderful works of Yahweh”.

RULE 6: (Romans 8)
NOT EVERYONE SPEAKS IN TONGUES! Because some believers remain “children of Yahweh” (Rom 8:11) and do not grow up into “Spirit led” Sons this does not mean they are not as saved as everyone else in the body of Christ, it just means there calling is different.

But everyone receives “inspiration” through the Holy Spirit and can prophecy and give “words of wisdom” and uses all the other Gifts to bless and edify the body...

Some of the most blessed and wise words from Yahweh are spoken by children who are not polluted by an adult’s mind that has been confused following years of indoctrination and false teaching in the mother church the demonic RCC or her harlot daughters the protestant church and her 41,000 denominations.

Tongues will stop not have stopped.
RULE 7: (1 Corinthians 13:8)

There are many demonic and foolish churches who teach the gifts of The Holy Spirit have STOPPED ALREADY and this is NOT TRUE!

The one and only verse clowns and demons use to say tongues does NOT work today is found in 1 Corinthians 13:8 words in brackets are by me for clarity 1 Corin 13:8 Love (Agape = Love of The Creator) never ends. As for prophecies, they will (in the future) pass away; as for tongues, they will (in the future) cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away (we will not need it anymore )

Notice I Cor 13:8 says prophecy’s and tongues WILL = meaning IN THE FUTURE passes away and cease... So we must ask WHEN! And if we look at the same chapter it tells us when and why the gifts will cease and stop in the very next verse which it seems those who say they have already stopped NEVER READ or are blinded to see!.

1Co 13:9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. 1Co 13:10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away….

That which is PERFECT is a reference to Yeshua / Jesus coming back and bringing us Home to be with the Creator were we will know EVERYTHING we need to know when we meet “face to face” and this is proved if we read in context I Cor 13:11 and then read 1 Cor 13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
"God is not about confusion"

When Yeshua / Jesus returns we will have NO NEED for tongues because we will all speak the same language and we will not need prophecy anymore IN FACT we will not need any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit because we will be forever with THE HOLY SPIRIT= THE CREATOR and we will know in time ALL things we need to know and will rule and reign with The Creators son Yeshua.

IN CONCLUSION:: It may seem amazing, but the present access to the “POWER” of The Creator = The Holy Spirit of all flesh is vast and unending so that we can now do the works of Yeshua and MORE (John 14:12)

ALL ALL ALL the Gifts of the Holy Spirit SHOULD ONLY be used with the “INSPIRATION” and approval of THE CREATOR!!!!

Remember you are making the Creator look foolish and powerless when your ONLY inspiration is from the devil and your demonic ego!!

The Gifts are absolutely real and full of POWER and the devil knows it and has done his very best to corrupt and make them of no effect using false Christians called “tares” sons of the devil that have the world laughing at the crazy delusional church as they roll around on the floor in a demonic possessed way and cause millions to run away and have nothing to do with a crazy church full of jabbering Jesus freaks.

I sincerely pray this study has blessed you.
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Not in talk but in power!




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