The gift of Reconciliation.

by Niall Mc Gowan . Oct 14, 2018

HOW DID YESHUA / JESUS FORGIVE SIN BEFORE HE DIED? There is a verse that the anti-christ church uses to say that Yeshua / Jesus was God because ONLY God can forgive sins. It is found in the account of Yeshua healing the man who had “palsy” or was paralyzed (Luke 5:18). In the account Yeshua heals the man (Luke 5:25) and forgives the man of his sin. The small part of a verse used by trinity believers to say Yeshua is God because ONLY God can forgive sin is found in Luke 5:21c who can forgive sins but God alone?”

Luke 5:25

None of the ordinary people Yeshua met and touched believed He was GOD and to prove that all the people gathered when Yeshua healed the man with palsy did NOT believe Yeshua was God can be seen that in Luke 5:25 b he (the man with palsy) went home, praising God = Yahweh. We also see that ALL the people gathered when Yeshua healed the man with palsy also believed that Yeshua was NOT God Luke 5:26 Amazement seized all the people, and they began to praise Yahweh.

So it was NOT Yeshua / Jesus who forgave there sin IT WAS the peoples belief in Yeshua being the savior that brought them BACK TO YAHWEH and THEIR BELIEF removed there sin!

Look up.

We must never forget the entire ministry of Yeshua was to have people forgiven of their sins so that they could again have full time fellowship with The Creator. Yeshua was our bridge back to The Creator and Yeshua came to give man power over sin and full forgiveness by the shedding of his blood as the “lamb of Yahweh”.

No one in the time of Yeshua thought or believed he was Yahweh (God) they knew Yeshua was our bridge back to Yahweh by teaching the Kingdom of Yahweh and how to get there.

 John the Baptist and the people who John baptized did not believe John was God BUT there was remission of sin under John’s baptism... Mark 1:4 John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins. So did John think he was God because his baptism removed sin? NO John knew it was the peoples “faith” OR “believing” that made it possible for Yahweh to forgive them. It had nothing to do with the symbolic water or the power of John that removed the sin it was “THE BELIEVING” the “FAITH” of the people John baptized.

Before Yeshua shed his blood on the cross for the sins of the world people IN THE OLD TESTAMENT could be “forgiven their sins” using “FAITH” or “BELIEVING IN YAHWEH. This forgiveness of sin in the Old Testament made you “justified” and even before The Law was given by Moses, Abraham was “justified” and made right with The Creator having his sins forgiven because Abraham had “FAITH” and “BELIEVED” in Yahweh (Galatians 3:6-14). The “faith” Abraham had also made him “righteous” and gave Abraham righteousness with Yahweh (God)

Righteousness = Your ability to stand in the presence of Yahweh without feeling and sense of guilt or shame.

John 8:11.

So in the Old Testament it was a person’s “believing or faith” that brought them back to Yahweh and gave them righteousness. The ministry of Yeshua was also part of the Old Testament because He had not yet died and not yet “raised” by Yahweh and so “faith and believing” in Yahweh (God) was the way sin was still forgiven.
This is seen by the account of Mary Magdalene who “believed” in her heart that Yeshua was the saviour from Yahweh and this belief was established by Yeshua ¬†when he said “go and sin no more” (John 8:11). This belief of Mary Magdalene that Yeshua was the son of Yahweh (God) brought her back to fully believing in Yahweh and so also got her forgiveness of sin which Yeshua commented on “sin no more”. By Yeshua saying “sin no more” it was a reflection that her sins were forgiven.

HOW DID YESHUA KNOW HER SINS WERE FORGIVEN? Yeshua had full time fellowship with the Creator and he was one with the Father and the phase “one with the Father” is old English and means “of one accord” “we are in full agreement”.
We are all given the gift.

Yeshua knew that Mary Magdalene’s sins were forgiven because Yahweh (God) TOLD HIM THEY WERE using “inspiration”. It was not Yeshua who forgave Mary Magdalene of her sin it was “HER “BELIEF” in the son of man Yeshua that brought her back to Yahweh (God) and the authority given to Yeshua. Luke 5:24b the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” Because it brought people who believed in Yeshua / Jesus as the saviour BACK TO YAHWEH (God) and allowed Yahweh (God) to forgive there sin!

Yeshua did NOT actually forgive anyone of their sin Yeshua reconciled them brought them back to Yahweh (God) who does the forgiving.

Reconciliation = the restoration of friendly relations. To reconcile = restore friendly relations between two parties.

When we say that Yeshua / Jesus forgave people there sin before He died IT MUST be said that the way he did it was through RECONCILIATION the restoration of friendly relations between the person and Yahweh (God) and it was not actually Yeshua who forgave the sins it was Yahweh (God).

As sons of Yahweh and joint heirs with Yeshua / Jesus WE ALSO have the power to reconcile people back to Yahweh (God) and so have their sins forgiven! BUT OF COURSE it is NOT ME who is forgiving sins it is just me introducing OR EVEN reintroducing people to the unconditional love, mercy and forgiveness of Yahweh (God) who does the forgiving of sin...
Yahweh (God) is the ONE behind our salvation (Eph 1:4), Yeshua / Jesus is the “WAY” of our salvation (John 14:6) and we are the “AMBASSADOES” (2 Corin 5:20) of Yeshua / Jesus to help bring others to salvation through reconciliation with Yahweh (God) (Romans 5:10-11, 11:15, 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, Ephesians 2:14-17 and Colossians 1:19-22).
As ambassadors for Yeshua we have been given HUGE power and responsibility and with the power of “reconciliation” WE CAN just like Yeshua bring people back to Yahweh so that they can have their sins forgiven through the ministry of reconciliation given to us by the Creator...

All we need to do is introduce people to the “good news” and Yahweh (God) does the rest.

Luke 23:34.

Just before Yeshua died on the cross / tree he established that He himself could not forgive sin and that he Yeshua / Jesus was NOT Yahweh (God) and so he asked the Father / Yahweh to forgive the sin of the world “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” knowing that in just a short time, the same people who killed him, could be saved, by believing and confessing Romans 10:9-10.

Later on the cross /tree Yeshua made the most life affirming, lifesaving, and like changing, comment “My God My God why have YOU forsaken ME” because it was at that moment, that the Holy and Sovereign Yahweh (God), had to turn his face away and forsake Yeshua / Jesus as Yahweh (God) put the sins of the world on the shoulders and in the blood of his only son Yeshua.

Yeshua is not Yahweh.
When Yeshua / Jesus said “why have YOU forsaken ME” he felt the presence and fellowship of his Father leave him, knowing that a Holy Creator cannot be in the presence of sin or any sinner!
It is also the same for every man, so understanding that truth, when we teach on the comment “why have YOU forsaken Me” it should be in REJOICING, because it is our proof that Yeshua did in fact die for the worlds sins, let me say that again , it is our 100% proof that Yeshua died for our sins . WOW and not as the devil teaches that Yeshua had “doubts”.
If you are truly a son of Yahweh, when you sin you will also feel the presence of Yahweh (God) leave you, just as Yeshua did.

So today tell someone the "good news" and use your Yahweh given "gift of Reconciliation" and you too CAN have them forgiven of their sin and reconciled back to Yahweh.

Agape to you and yours.

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