The Original sin explained.

by Niall Mc Gowan.May. 15, 2015UPDATED March 17 2021

There are many truths the Church will never tell us because they simply DO NOT KNOW the answer, or because it DOES NOT SUIT them. The Creator does not want us ignorant (2 Cor 2:11) so that Satan might get an advantage over us. The Church is destroyed because of a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) on major subjects that rob them of all power and leave them the powerless and the apostate church we see today.

Before I explain the “original sin” I must first expel some of the delusional brainwashing the church has received from drinking “the cool aid”. Most of the cool aid drinking church believes “we are little gods” created in THE CREATORS image and refuse to believe The Bible and science that “MEN” were “FORMED” from the dust of the earth and that “WOMEN” was “FASHIONED” from a rib taken from Adam.

The Bible says "we became" a living soul NOT that "we have a soul".

To the atheist the account of God removing a rib from Adam and using the rib to form Eve is something the atheist uses to ridicule the Bible as a fable and a book of nonsense, and as believers in Creation we should expected that answer from a fool (Psa 14:1) .
Let's look for the truth in Gen 2:21-22 So THE CREATOR caused the man to fall into a deep (prolonged) sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man's ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. THE CREATOR fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man.…

The RIB is unique.

THE TRUTH WILL NOW ASTONISH YOU! THE CREATOR made the rib SPECIAL and UNIQUE, and like no other bone in the body.


When a Thoracic (chest) surgeon TODAY removes ribs THEY GROW BACK IN 3 MONTHS!

The periosteum the membrane that keep the rib in place contains cells that can manufacture new bone and the DNA in the marrow of the rib can be used to clone! Today plastic surgeons can reconstruct various parts of the body, particularly the bones of the face by using ribs taken out of the same scar on the rib cage many times..

So when THE CREATOR caused Adam to go into a DEEP (prolonged) sleep, THE CREATOR removed one of his ribs and "fashioned" Eve from the rib which is full of DNA and DNA can be used to "clone" and so Eve was a clone of Adam. Adam was asleep for 3 months and when he woke his rib had re-grown and he was fully healed.

Rib regenerating  was only discovered in 2001 and that means that even if the Bible was written 50 years ago the writers would still have known nothing about the creation account of Genesis 2 and the “fashioning” of Eve from a rib from Adam.

THIS IS HUGE Rib regenerating is our absolute proof that the creation account of Genesis 2 is true and that the Bible was inspired by The Creator Himself and given to man.
Even science shows "We are made from the earth".

The devil was put out of Heaven because he said "I will be like the Most High" (Isa 14:14) and today the devil has placed the same idea in the hearts and minds of delusional brainwashed and fake Christians as millions of them believe and say "I was created in the image of God" and wear it as a badge of honour..
The truth is we were NOT created in the image of God WHO IS A SPIRIT we were “formed” from the muck and dust of the earth.

A scientific and chemical look at the human body confirms the human body has the same major components that are found in the dust and clay of the earth, Carbon 23%, Hydrogen 10%, Nitrigin 2.6% , Calcium 1.4%, Phosphorous 1.1% , also Iron, sulphur, Zinc , Magnesium and many other elements of the earth.
The Creator "formed" us from the dust of the earth and the bible later confirms this in Genesis 3:19 by saying "from dust you were made and to dust you will return".

We are not little gods. FOR NOW we are muck and dirt.

When The Creator Yahweh "formed" Adam from the dirt of the earth and then "fashioned" Eve from a rib taken from Adam (Gen 2) He The Creator did not just leave them to their own ways to experiment, NO Yahweh spent allot of time teaching Adam and Eve about their bodies and about the "ins and outs" of their body's and went into great detail about what will happen when Eve gets pregnant and what the birth will entail and everything they needed to know about making and nurturing new life together.

After all Adam and Eve were the first people and The Creator needed to spend time with them to explain ALL THINGS to do with "go fourth and multiply".... Adam and Eve walked and talked with The Creator and spent special time with Yahweh in the cool of the evening were they discussed there day and were Yahweh answered any and all questions they had for Him as they learned more and more about the wonders of Creation and the birth of new life that they saw all around them in nature. Eve saw all the animals in Eden give birth without any problems and with ease and she was happy with what she learned from God and nature and was ready to bare Children.

So with Adam and his wife walking and talking with GOD = Yahweh and fellowshipping with GOD in the cool of the evening WHAT ! could they have done TO SIN ! that was so bad that Adam did not say sorry or even try to repent and that the Creator put them out of the garden forever to toil the earth for food and for women to be in pain every month with periods that none of the animals suffered and to be in great pain during child birth which Eve never saw with the animals.

The original sin must have been something God told them and warned them about and was fully explained.


Adam did not "repent" because he was privy to knowledge none of us will know because Adam was the first and God shared with Adam some of the secrets about Creation and so Adam was privileged with great understanding and so he had no excuse because he should have known better, and so there was no way to say sorry or repent that could be honest and earnest, and Adam knew ONLY honest and earnest repentance is acceptable to GOD.

The same is true for the devil who also cannot just say sorry or repent to Yahweh because the devil was given great knowledge and was very wise and like Adam was privy to how creation works.



Everything in a person's walk with God and how they are blessed is based on how they WORSHIP GOD, and the greatest worship you can give God is OBEDIENCE and having NO OTHER gods except The Creator Yahweh.

THE LIE ABOUT THE SERPENT. We must understand it was not the serpent Lucifer of some bibles that enticed Eve it was "the shining one" who was beautiful and brilliant, and had the seal of perfection and full of wisdom and anointed by God (Ezekiel 28) And we must learn from Eves deception by the devil that the devil never deceives you with something he says is "BAD" no the devil will always deceive and make you sin by telling you it is "GOOD".

Remember the devil using the antichrist will not deceive the world with something he says IS BAD FOR YOU ohh no the devil will say “you will not surly die” and it is good for you.


Let us look at some translations in search of the truth 1/ (KJV= King James Version) the tree of the knowledge of good and evil  2/ (CEV = Contemporary English Version) except the one (TREE) that has the power to let you know the difference between right and wrong.

As mentioned Yahweh must have spent allot of time teaching Adam and Eve about the reproductive system and so I believe 2/ is the correct translation (CEV) except the one (TREE) that has the power to let you know the difference between right and wrong.

The ERV also backs up the idea that the tree they were not to eat from was a tree that “LETS YOU KNOW” what is good and evil. (ERV = Easy-to-Read Version)  But you must not eat from the tree that gives knowledge about good and evil.

One more translation that backs up the idea that the forbidden “TREE” will “LET YOU KNOW” that AFTER eating from it that you will know the difference between “good and evil” is the popular Catholic Bible (GNB = Good News Bibleexcept the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad.

If you picture your body as a garden, what do you find in the centre of your garden ? For men it is a tree (upside down) that bears fruit / seed known as sperm. In the centre of a woman's body/garden you find the Vagina that bears fruit know as a baby.
Feeling guilt and shame.

AS MENTIONED Everything in a person's walk with God and how they are blessed is based on how they WORSHIP GOD, and the greatest worship you can give God is OBEDIENCE and having NO OTHER gods except The Creator Yahweh.

The original sin was "masturbation" the ultimate WORSHIP OF YOURSELF, it is making love to and with yourself and serves no other purpose except to pleasure yourself and worship the creation that God formed (THE BODY) rather than The Creator Yahweh..

Masturbation is the ONLY sin that once done it does not matter if you are saved or unsaved you will INSTANTLY feel "guilt and shame".

BEFORE THE SIN = Gen 2:25 and they were both naked, the man and his wife and were NOT ashamed..
AFTER THE SIN = Gen 3:10 And he (Adam) said, I heard your voice and I was afraid (GUILT) because I was naked, and hid myself (SHAME). Gen 3:11 And God said, Who told you that you were naked?

Some of tthe most asked questions to Google 1/ Why do I feel intense shame after I masturbate 2/ Why do people feel guilty after masturbation.

THINK ABOUT IT :: If your wife “masturbates” you or “makes you orgasm using her hand” YOU WILL NEVER feel guilt or shame BUT if you masturbate yourself when you orgasm ON YOUR OWN you will ALWAYS feel “guilt and shame” regardless of whether you are married or single.

Apple? or Evil?

LIES AND MYTHS Why do we believe in an Apple?
The Old Testament was written in Hebrew 1500-450 BC and in the 16th century, the word "MALUM" was misunderstood because it has two meanings in Latin. The word Malum is first found in Genesis "the tree of knowledge of good and evil" MALUM = EVIL in Latin. 
Because Adam "ATE" from the fruit of the tree the early translators assumed the fruit was "MALUM" which also means "APPLE" in Latin.

When we “ASSUME” anything about the Bible it will always make an ASS out of U and ME.

In Western Europe, the fruit was often depicted as an apple. This was possibly because of a misunderstanding of – or a pun on – two unrelated words mălum, a native Latin noun which means evil (from the adjective malus), and mālum, another Latin noun, borrowed from Greek μῆλον, which means apple.


  THE ADAMS APPLE LIE. Girls and boys start life with similarly size "breasts and thyroid cartilage (Adams apple)" and at puberty normally the breasts on a women developed and sadly unequally for some women who get very large breasts and some very small.

The thyroid cartilage on most women does not developed but in some women the "Adams apple" develops just like a mans, and also some men develop breasts not as well defined as a women's and they cannot serve the same fuction but they are breasts.



Gen 2:8 And the LORD God planted a GARDEN in Eden and there He put the man and women He had formed.


Son 4:12 A GARDEN inclosed is my sister (barred from entering), my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.... Son 5:1 I've come into (to enter sexually) my GARDEN, my sister, my bride;.

If you picture your body as a garden, what do you find in the centre of your garden ? For men it is a tree (upside down) that bears fruit / seed known as sperm. In the centre of a woman's body/garden you find the Vagina that bears fruit know as a baby.

The vagina a place that Eve said was "pleasant to the eyes and good to eat and a tree TO BE DESIRED (Gen 3:6). There is no doubt that the Vagina is "pleasant to the eyes of men" and is desired by men.

There are some very old Bible sayings that people still quote TODAY not even knowing that the ideas are from the Bible 1/ “her lady garden” “is open” “or nice”. 2/ When a women is in her periods some people say “the garden is shut” OR “she is in her flowers” and all come from the Song of Solomon which also contains “vile porn” and an embarrassment to the pious high and mighty “cool aid drinkers”.

FOR A STUDY ABOUT THE "PORN" IN THE BIBLE FOLLOW THIS LINK (after you have read this study).
TREE in Genesis 3 and Mark 8:24 is a person..

In Genesis The Creator used a parable to explain the original sin because the words needed to fully explain the act of masturbation would be offensive in a Holy Book.

THINK ABOUT IT "How would you explain "masturbation" and write it in a Holy Book so that it could be read out in church and not be laughed at?

The Creator thousands of years ago inspired Moses to write the Book of Genesis and when he explained "masturbation" the Creator used simple words that the people thousands of years ago could understand words like "seeds" "trees" "gardens" "fruit". Today thousands of years later we have lost our ability to see the simple things written to simple people and instead make things complicated and make fools of ourselves and never see the simple message.

Masturbation serves the “creature” (self) and not the Creator.

In Romans 1 when Paul writes his first letter to the sexually sick and deprived Christians in Rome "who knew God" and were gay and so full of lust that The Creator handed them over to Satan (Rom 1:24) to defile themselves.. In Rom 1 Paul list the sexual sin of the early Christians and mentions masturbation as (Rom 1:25b) ""and they worshipped and served the creature (man that Yahweh formed) more than the Creator.

The major sins against The Creator are all connected to "worship" and masturbation is the ultimate worship of self.
 A Google search.

If you do a Google search of 1/ Why do I feel intense shame after I masturbate 2/ Why do people feel guilty after masturbation you will see that EVERYONE both saint and sinner shares the same guilt and shame about masturbation because it is THE ONLY sin that once done Adam and everyone after him INSTANTLY felt guilt and shame.

Gen 3;10 I heard your voice and I was afraid (GUILT) because I was naked and I hid myself (SHAME).

"TEMPLES" they call "SHOPS".


Women spend huge sums of money on sex toys, clothes to look sexy and perfume to smell sexy, and makeup to attract and look sexy.. Women now have "TEMPLES" they call "SHOPS" were they go to discuss and "worship" with other women about the latest and best lust toys for them and what they can use on their husbands or lovers that will make the man think about them in lust and masturbate about the lustful impression the women gave them..

The impression a women gives that makes a man masturbate while thinking about her is spiritual and is the demonic control women has been give over man.

"House parties for the worship of Masturbation".

Adam did not just loose dominion over the earth in the fall, Adam also lost dominion over himself and SO DID every other natural unsaved man, because women obeyed Satan she was given power and dominion over man. When man went along with Eves demand to "eat of the fruit" he was doomed to fall for the same trick all his life. And the natural unsaved woman of today is still using her fruit to trap stupid man.

Samson and history has shown that when a man gives "worship" to a women or to anything except the Creator that is when problems start, and man loses his power.
Genesis 2:18.

THE ORIGINAL SIN IS NOW WORSE THAT EVER ... Unsaved and ungodly women now have house parties were they openly discuss and test out the latest "toys" and lust filled merchandise to "entrap" man with lust no man even Adam could resist ....

When women stops listening to satan and man finally sees the power women have over them man and women will again be blessed. Man must learn and women must except that she is a "HELP MATE" and not as a thing in any way to be worshipped.

Few people find a virtuous mother / father or wife / husband.

When man finds a women who is "VIRTUOUS" he will have found a treasure above all diamonds and pearls and His heart will not be hurt and he can sleep easy knowing he can fully trust her. The same can also be said for a women finding a good man WHO CAN FIND ONE?

Final warnings to unsaved women of the church!. Stop listening to the devil ! Cover up your fruit.

If you use your body as bait you will catch bottom feeders.

If you dress to look sexy, men will only look at you to have sex.

Yeshua / Jesus is the second and final Adam and our way "back into" Paradise.

Adam was formed from the dust of the earth (Gen 2:7) and did not have a sin nature as Adam was the first person formed and his nature was human and sinless...

Yeshua was formed by Yahweh in the womb of Mary (Jer 1:5a Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;) to be the second Adam and so was also without a sin nature and His nature was human and sinless, as he was the second man Yahweh / God formed!

The whole message of salvation is very very simple and the need for the Bible from Genesis to Revelation can be summed up in JUST A FEW LINES. The first Adam was formed by The Creator from the dust of the earth BUT the first Adam sinned and caused the fall of man and the breakup of friendly relations and fellowship with the Creator. SO the Creator needed a second AND FINAL Adam and Yeshua / Jesus was the second AND FINAL Adam this time formed by the Creator in the womb of Mary. Yeshua /Jesus lived and died on earth and did not sin Yeshua / Jesus was also "The Lamb of Creator / God" and died for the sins of the world and so brought us right back to a full time intimate fellowship with the Creator = Yahweh / God. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!
The only person who can give birth to a God is a goddess and Mary was not a goddess and Yeshua was not a God.


Thank you for reading my study. I have many more on my home page.

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Agape to you and yours.

Niall Mc Gowan.


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