The real sin of Sodom.

by Niall Mc Gowan.May. 15, 2015

The sin of being "gay" is not an unforgivable sin and The Creator God does NOT spit out "gay" people OR ANY SINNER! The Creator God of all flesh DOES SPIT OUT fake Luke warm self professed Christians who are vile to God and make Him gag and spit them out (Revelation 3:16).

The Creator who sent his son to die for ALL and for ALL our sins must hate with perfect hatred (Psalm 139) to hear his life saving word of salvation turned into a lie and used against sinners in a way that alienates them and turns them away from The Creator who sent his son Yeshua to ALL save sinners.

The sin of Sodom is one such lie that the devil whispered into the ear of fake Christians and is still being used to condemn and alienate sinners and is still taught in the world's major demon filled Christian churches. It is true that homosexuals wanted to have sex with angles in the form of "MEN OF GOD" but that was just a onetime event and we know that God is slow to anger (Psalms 145:8) and that the sins of Sodom were going on for a long time before that one time event as we see in Genesis 18 that Abraham pleaded with God over and over not to destroy Sodom if he could just find 10 righteous people..

Jude 1:7 mentions some of the goings on in Sodom as people were looking for "STRANGE FLESH" and the original Greek word used is " ἕτερος heteros" and our English word "Heterosexual" comes from "heteros" so in Sodom there were heterosexual men looking for sex with heterosexual woman as it still the case today. So what was the sin of Sodom?

Ezekiel 16:49-50 Eze 16:49 Look! This was the sin of your sister Sodom and her daughters: Pride, too much food, undisturbed peace, and failure to help the poor and needy. Eze 16:50 In their arrogance, they committed detestable practices in my presence, so when I saw it, I removed them. ....


Jude 7 Says Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by "eternal fire". The phrase "eternal fire"refers to fiery destruction that lasts forever because the fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah has long since gone out, but their destruction remains.

The wages of sin is death and not eternal torment. 2 Peter 2:6 Says God burned Sodom to ashes as AN EXAMPLE of what is going to happen to the ungodly, to burn ONCE not for eternity.

2Pe 2:6  (ISV) and if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed them by burning them to ashes, making them AN EXAMPLE to ungodly people of what is going to happen to them.

The Creator allowedSodom to be destroyed so that there "detestable sin" would not corrupt the surrounding nations in the early days of Creation... DETESTABLE, THINGS: In Jeremiah 16:18; Ezekiel 5:11; 7:20; 11:18,21; 37:23; a term always applied to idol-worship or to objects connected with idolatry; often also translated "abomination," as in 1 Kings 11:5,7 ; Jeremiah 4:1; Ezekiel 20:7,8,30. translated "abomination," is applied in the Scriptures to that which is ceremonially unclean (Leviticus 7:21), creatures forbidden as food.

To understand where Rome got the idea for hell click on this link.




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