The true parable of Job.

by Niall Mc Gowan.April. 10, 20163

To the unbelieving world the pagan church teaching that “ The Creator made a bet with the devil” is horrific and is the reason why people say “I want nothing to do with a god like that” and that is why the unsaved world is alienated from the TRUE LOVING CREATOR YAHWEH.

The demonic church teaches “That The Creator and all loving God would hand “a perfect and upright” man over to Satan so that Satan could torture him and take all he had including killing his family.... THAT TEACHING IS HORRENDOUS AND UTTERLY demonic.
The Father cannot be in the presence of sin.

The idea that The Holy Creator could ever be in the presence of evil or even His face to see sin is demonic as the Holy Creator CANNOT EVEN look at sin and so had to turn His Face when Yeshua Saviour  His son tuck on him the sins of the world.....
The Creator put Satan out of Heaven and Satan CAN NEVER enter the third Heaven and be in the presence of The Creator and The Creator WILL NEVER talk to the devil or Satan.....
The story of Jobs fall and restoration is A PARABLE which is a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, for our learning!

Job did extra offerings continually.

The simply lesson is that Job thought he was doing all the right things with his WORKS to please The Creator WITHOUT having a full and intimate RELATIONSHIP!!  
Job did all the sacrifices and even did extra in the hope of saving and cleansing his family of sin BUT IT WAS ALL JUST WORKS!

NO RELATIONSHIP is shown in the way Job talks about God and NEVER TO GOD!! When our Lord Yeshua Saviour  the Son of The Creator was on the cross he spoke to The Creator and said “My God My God why have you forsaken me!!. Job on the other hand TALKS ABOUT THE CREATOR and mentions the things happening to him to his friends AND NEVER TO THE CREATOR!
Job talks about God and not to him.

Job like the pagan church of today thought that if he did all the right things to please The Creator then he will be blessed and more blessed and blessed in all things WITHOUT AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP... Job was treating The Creator like a vending machine pushing out all the goodies HE DESERVED!! ...
Job and the pagan church feel God “”owes me for my good works”” and say look at me I am “perfect and upright” and God owes me ALL THE BLESSINGS!!! ...

Today the luke warm and demonic church IS JOB WITH ONLY A FORM OF GODLINESS and is seen to be doing and saying all the right things BUT WITH A TRUE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD and instead is in a race to the bottom to find the next great bestselling book DVD or anointed blah blah blah teaching INSTEAD of manifesting the POWER given to us on the day of Pentecost TO CONTINUE the work of Yeshua Saviour  and that the works that Yeshua Saviour  did we CAN DO AND MORE!
Job could not be saved with his works.

 It should also be a stark warning to the world that you cannot buy your way into heaven and there is no works you can do to please Yahweh. All the times you go to church or do good works are expected as a son of Yahweh BUT NOT to be considered “brownie points” that will please The Creator  so that you will see heaven.
The creator God has made getting into heaven FREE and NOT OF WORKS THAT ANY MAN CAN BOAST (Eph 2:9) ... Getting into Heaven and being blessed while you live on earth is ALL about the intimate and personal relationship you have with The Creator BECAUSE many will say on the day of judgement “Lord Lord did we not do great things in your name ? and the LORD will say “depart from me I DID NOT KNOW YOU !


Romans 10:9-10.



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