The truth about the Bible?

by Niall Mc Gowan.Oct. 04, 20203
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I sincerely pray this study blesses you.
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Agape to you and yours Niall 

“Let me start by saying I absolutely believe “PARTS” of the Bible are the absolute words direction and Will of The Creator and if followed lead to a life with The Creator for eternity”.

This website does not set out to disprove the Bible in fact the opposite is true, it does set out to prove that man has added and deleated verses in order to go along with mans doctrine of demons.

With 920 corrupt versions of the Bible I prove that The Creator did preserve His truth and even if you read the most corrupt version you will still find TRUE salvation.

I believe the original words the Creator inspired men to write down were so powerful that the devil over century’s has also inspired men to corrupt the Bible so that today it is the “doctrine of demons/devils “ that Paul prophesied it would become in the last days (1 Tim 4:1).

Most Christians and all Pastors are afraid of anyone finding out that there 4th god the Bible is corrupt because then there faith will run through there fingers like sand.

Only a few Christians ever become Spirit Led and find the truth.

1 Peter 4:17.

I believe that “NOT ONE WORD” of the Creator is missing because The Creator preserved His Word and Will for us and IT IS found in the Bible.

BUT BUT BUT the bible today is peppered, bookended, and surrounded with added lies and utterly demonic teachings about the Creator and His son Yeshua (Jesus) and that the bible has the putrid stench of mans added traditions and teaching that bind us into a religion of men

with demonic teachings that will keep us from seeing the Glory of The Creator and sharing in the promise of eternal life .

ASK YOURSELF.. If the bible is the perfect inerrant word of The Creator then WHY would the Creator emphatically urge us to 1/ “study like a workman daily digging deep to find the truth” 2/ prove all things to see if they are true 3/ prove you are in the faith and not deceived 4/ test every spirit and what you have been told 4/ that God himself says “CALL ON ME” and I will show you great and mighty things.


The unbelieving world will never accept the God of the bible who loves us “unconditionally “ and also “torments us for eternity” which is trillion and trillions of years for something we did during our short time on sin filled earth.

The unbelieving world will never accept a God who gives us “free will” and then punishes us for acting on our God given “free will”.

If we are to lead people to the true power of Gods will for us, we MUST tell the truth and show them that the Bible was originally inspired by The Creator to men who wrote it down but over century’s the truth was watered down and horrible teachings about The Creator were added by devil inspired men who hate The Creator and that the truest words in the bible are found in Revelation 12:9 “THAT THE DEVIL HAS DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD”” and that WE allowed him to deceive us because we did not do what The Creator told us to do “STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED TO THE CREATOR AND NOT TO MEN” but instead we listened to the devil in a church say “you shall not surly die” and because we listened to the devil we are now powerless and pitiful with only a form of godliness.

The false church calls it “cherry picking” the Bible but I call it “digging deep in “the field” which is the word of Yahweh in order to find “the pearls” of wisdom and the power of the truth that sets you free.

Uncovering the major corruption in the church and the bible should be our passion because I truly believe that when you get beyond the Bibles corruption and cut all man-made doctrines and added verses OUT you will be left with the most powerful book in the world a book that will transform lives a book so powerful that the devil will be so shamed he will run and hide.. If we can just remove the putrid stench of man’s hands from the bible we will be left with a book that will astonish amaze and transform the world.


1/ that the loving God “sends you to hell and allows you to be tormented “FOR ETERNITY”

2/ That God is a triune and trinity god with 3 persons or anything like that !

3/ That God meets with the devil and makes a bet about you like he did with Job.

4/ That God is a megalomaniac and orders his people to murder every single man woman and child in six nations.

5/ Billions will see heaven and billions are “saved and rescued” If you unlearn those listed ideas and MANY others then you will be getting close to the true WORD AND WILL OF THE CREATOR!

The only one who wants you to believe the Bible is the “perfect inerrant and incorruptible word of God is “”THE DEVIL”” who deceived the whole world using the "paper and ink" of the Bibles added lies..

RUN RUN RUN for your life from anyone who says “the whole bible is perfect”

Some Churches and Pastors have paid to have there own version of the printed to agree with there own doctrine.
CALL CALL CALL out to The Creator to show you the truth Jeremiah 33:3 SEEK SEEK SEEK the truth and you will find it .. The Church has drastically underestimated the demonic brilliance of the devil and will pay dearly . Christianity is in huge trouble with 920 different translations of the bible some bibles having 64,000 original words missing OR some bibles have 150,000 words added and 20 full new testament verses removed.

None of these bibles hide the fact that the words are added or deleted and never hide a removed verse they just go from verse 35 to verse 37 and NOBODY NOTICES or even cares that the devil changed just ONE WORD in the garden which caused the fall of Adam .

The 920 versions of the Bible have given rise to 41,000 Christian denominations who all say “we are right and they are wrong” and were Christians do exactly what the devil wants them to do which is, sit back in your comfortable churches and NEVER EVER question ANYTHING you have been told.

Wake up church “ONLY A FEW” will see heaven because the rest are too dammed lazy to “study and prove all things” and so by default are the devils children who like Adam “was easily led” into believing “thou shall not surly die”.

The fact that the devil has gone to such lengths in corrupting the bible is proof to me that the devil is afraid of the bible and is scared of us finding and manifesting the truth.

The bible is the most powerful book in the world only when you dig deep and study it for yourself with the holy spirit who is the Creator!

The devil and the roman universal = catholic church corrupted the bible with lies, confusion and utterly demonic teachings !

The Bible is simply the paper and ink and milk of salvation and we must become Spirit Led to become joint heirs with Yeshua.

The Bible warns us that the devil has decieved the whole world (Rev 12:9) but nobody believed.

May The Creator bless you with open eyes and a soft heart as you search the truth that sets you free and empowers you to greatness.

I sincerely pray this study has blessed you.
Please consider making a donation as it would mean the world to me and I will forever keep your name in my prayers.
Agape to you and yours


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  • 3Not omitted but boxed


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