Was the mother of Yeshua a goddess.

by Niall Mc Gowan.May. 15, 2015

Born of Hebrew parents and given the Hebrew name Miriam her husband was Yoseph. The ONLY one who can give birth to a god is a goddess and Miriam was NOT a goddess and Yeshua was NOT a god..

Yeshua / Jesus was not a god.

Jesus /Yeshua was the son of The Creator and the second Adam who this time did not sin and always did the will of His God Yahweh and gave a mild rebuke to a woman who cried out to Him, "Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you" (Luke 11:27), replying to her, "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey them.".... Yeshua / Jesus never elevated Mary in any way and only mentioned her as "women" which was not disrespectful, Yeshua / Jesus was clearly showing Mary was just a "woman" picked by The Creator and Jesus / Yeshua was just a man Called before the foundation of the earth like you and me (Eph 1:4), and that the works Jesus / Yeshua did you and I can do also and greater works can we do because Jesus / Yeshua is now with the Father..

The Roman Universal church which has its foundation is ALL modern Protestant and Catholic churches and 41,000 denominations started in 312 AD at the time of the so-called "miraculous conversion" to Christianity of the Roman Emperor Constantine but he continued to worshipped the sun god and Constantine also believed he was a god.... When Rome went from being pagan to pagan -christian under Constantine, they had to find a replacement for the great mother of paganism Isis. It was not until the time of Constantine that anyone began to look at Mary as a goddess. Since Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ the son of God. she was the most logical person to replace the pagan mother goddess Isis. The pagans could continue their prayers and devotion to the mother goddess the pagan "queen of heaven" , only they would call her Mary.

Mother and child worship.

The phrase “the queen of heaven” appears in the Bible twice, both times in the book of Jeremiah. The first is in connection with the things the pagan Jews were doing that provoked the LORD to anger. Entire Jewish families were involved in idolatry. The children gathered wood, and the men used it to build altars to worship false gods. The women were engaged in kneading dough and baking cakes of bread for the “Queen of Heaven” (Jeremiah 7:18). And the pagan Jew did not just like there false gods they loved them and that angered The Creator so much that He divorced the pagan Jew (Jeremiah 3;8).. The title "queen of heaven" referred to Ishtar, an Assyrian and Babylonian goddess also called Ashtoreth (1 Kings 11:5) and Astarte by various other groups. She was the wife of the false god Baal, also known as Molech. The modern pagan church and its 41000 denominations now worship the son of the goddess Mary as all denominations have replaced Ishatar "the queen of heaven" with Mary who gave birth to a god named Jesus who was originally called Zeus by the pagans .

  The demonic belief of a mother giving birth to “a god” is the oldest pagan belief going back to before the birth of THE SON OF YAHWEH YESHUA/JESUS. Mother and child worship was the basis of the ancient religions. In the various religions of the world, the same system of worship was perpetuated under different names. In Egypt , the mother and child were worshiped as Isis and Osiris or Horus, In India as Isi and Iswara, In China and Japan as the mother goddess Shing-moo with child, In Greece as Ceres or Irene and Plutus, In Rome as Fortuna and Jupitor-puer, or Venus and Adurnis, and In Scandinavia as Frigga and Balder. The mother and child were worshiped in Babylon as Ishtar and Tammuz, and in Phoenicia, as Ashtoreth and Baal. Moreover, the child was worshiped as both husband and son of the mother goddess. Miriam / Mary was not a goddess she was a women the Creator Yahweh found favour in and she was anointed but in no way a goddess.

The idea thar the CREATOR of the heavens the earth and the universe could have an earthly mother is a demonic insult.

Ishatar / Mary.


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