Why we cannot blame The Creator for sickness.

by Niall Mc Gowan.April. 10, 20163

Yeshua the second and final Adam made a huge statement about what to look for before his return and the end of the age "the world will be "AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH". For this study I will look at the food Noah ate and the food we are eating today and see just how close we are to the return of Yeshua.
In the days of Noah Yahweh looked down on the earth and saw that it was corrupt the people were corrupt the animals were corrupt and the food supply was corrupt. In this study you will see that today we are living in "THE DAYS OF NOAH" when again our food and animals are "corrupt" and not as they were created and our food is killing us.

Seed-bearing fruit will produce your food.

Gen 1:11-12  Then God said, "Let vegetation sprout all over the earth, including seed-bearing plants and fruit trees, each kind containing its own seed!" And that is what happened:  Vegetation sprouted all over the earth, including seed-bearing plants and fruit trees, each kind containing its own seed. And God saw that it was good. 

Gen 1:29  God also told them, "Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant that grows throughout the earth, along with every tree that grows seed-bearing fruit. They will produce your food. 

Male and female.

As we see Yahweh created ALL THINGS "male and female" and pollen is the sperm of the plants and fruit trees. When Yahweh created fruit it grew from seeds and each fruit was an ovary with seeds in it and Yahweh said it was "very good" but man has corrupted what Yahweh created and is now trying to outdo The Creator by growing all our major fruits WITHOUT producing seeds. These corrupted fruits we eat today are no longer male or female they are now STERILE and NOT as they were created.

Not grown as the Creator intended.

Today watermelons, grapes, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, cucumbers, gooseberries, some apples and pears and many more are corrupted by man and are NOT grown as the Creator intended and DO NOT contain seeds... Man says we have done better than Yahweh! But what happens when the Hokes pokes man is doing stops working ? WORLD WIDE STARVATION AND SICKNESS ..

These FRUITS are no longer male or female they are now STERILE!

Pollen is plant sperm.

Because man has found an artificial way to pollinate the plants the pollen (sperm) is now poison and has been killing billions of bees worldwide for the last decade and which could lead to horrendous crop failure and famine on a biblical scale.

These PLANTS are no longer male or female they are now STERILE!

Genesis 6 teaches that "In the days of Noah" fallen angels corrupted the DNA of animals and man and had demonic hybrids and this cause man to eventually became so bad that every waking thought was evil...

DNA the Creators code for life.

DNA is the Creators code for life and is so complicated that and huge it cannot ever be seen and so the only way man can change DNA is by being shown how to by fallen angels. Here are astonishing facts about a single strand of DNA.

How long is a strand of DNA when uncoiled? = 67 billion miles .. That's how many feet long the DNA from one of your cells would be if you uncoiled each strand and placed them end to end. Do this for all your DNA, and the resulting strand would be 67 billion miles long—the same as about 150,000 round trips to the Moon. On this 67 BILLION MILE LONG strand man is now able to find a specific part and cut out the so called bad part and splice in a new MAN MADE GOOD PART.

DNA manipulation can only be done using the same fallen angels that changed the DNA in the "Days of Noah" which cause the Creator to look down on earth and see "it was corrupt".

Crispr made to order babies.

In 1981 scientists discovered how to manipulate embryonic stem cells and since then have cloned many animals. Today "CRISPR" genetic engineering manipulates the DNA of people and promises the perfect "made to order" child and is well on its demonic way to playing God which will end in a horrific race of people made by the hand of man and not God were man finally says "we are as gods".

Today a farmer needs to buy his seeds NEW EVERY YEAR because the seeds are corrupted. If you plant wheat from purchased seeds and you get a good crop and decide to use some of the seeds from the wheat you just harvested the crop you get will be deformed and unusable WHY YOU SAY, well all the world's supply of agricultural seeds are corrupted at the DNA level to grow "perfect and better" than the Creator Yahweh made them.

These SEEDS are no longer male or female they are now STERILE!

Man made chickens the worlds most eaten food since 1930.

In the 50s man started corrupting the genetics and DNA of animals and soon had chickens grow to full mature weight and ready to eat in just 7 WEEKS today man has increased this and all the chickens sold in shops that are 1.3kg are ONLY 4 WEEKS OLD and a 1.6kg chicken is just 5 weeks old when a normal chicken does not even lay an egg until it is 11 months.

These chickens are no longer male or female they are now STERILE!

Fish Designed by man.

SALMON:  In 2017 he Canadian authorities allowed a GM salmon designed YES DESIGNED by US company AquaBounty to be sold to consumers. It is engineered to reach market size in 18 months, half the time of its natural counterpart. However, the fish is NOT labelled GM in shops.

These FISH are no longer male or female they are now STERILE!

COWS:  Scientists in both China and Argentina have genetically engineered cows to produce milk similar in composition to that made by humans. After modifying embryos, an Argentinian cow – Rosita Isa – was born that expressed milk containing proteins present in human milk but lacking in cow milk. 

OYSTERS Are no longer male or female man has made them sterile and that  stimulates growth,  and has helped raise yields in shellfish.  In the 1990s, Guo and Standish Allen, figured out a new way TO CREATE triploid oysters, which are infertile because they have BEEN GIVEN an extra copy of each chromosome. These oysters CANNOT devote much energy to reproduction, so they reach harvest size sooner.

These OYSTERS are no longer male or female they are now STERILE!

The air water and food on earth is now corrupt..

A simple and short hour of research on the internet will show you that the food supply in the world is corrupted right down to the level of the seed and that everything we eat is not how it was created and has been causing major sickness in the world's population that is only going to get worse were children being born with cancer at alarming rates will become the norm and then man will step in with his demonic manipulation of DNA and create the "perfect human" and Yahweh will again look down on the earth and see "it is fully corrupted" and so out of Love Yahweh will AGAIN destroy the world not because he can BUT BECAUSE HE MUST before man utterly corrupts the world and we all die horrendous deaths.


So with our food suppy corrupted what food can we eat? Well our food is corrupted right down to the level of the seed it really does not matter what you eat because it is too late the genie is out of the bottle and we can never go back because all the good seeds are long gone and have been replaced. STAY AWAY FROM VEGAN FOOD BECAUSE RIGH NOW THERE FOOD IS BEING PREPARED IN A LAB and will be worse than anything we are unlucky to eat today. LAB MAN MADE FOOD FOR VEGANS will bring horrific sickness. Mans demonic LAB MADE MEAT will cause untold health problems that might even effect the DNA of the people eating it. So for now eat whatever you like and give thanks (say grace or pray over the food) to Yahweh before you eat anything.



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