A look at world religions and there connection to natural disasters.

by Niall Mc Gowan.April. 10, 20163

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This study is a spiritual look at the nations of the world and who they are dedicated to and who they worship and the curse or blessings on every nation in the world.
If you have open eyes or even consider the findings of this study it will enlighten you to the reason why there are horrendous events happening in the world today that are equal or worse than events mentioned in the bible.

In the Bible there are 3 things that are true
1/ There is a Creator = Yahweh = The Holy Spirit
2/ There is a destroyer = Lucifer = the evil spirit
3/ Everything you say and do gives glory and worship to one or the other.

This study has nothing to do with being good or bad” OR BEING A “nice” person it has everything to do with WHO AND WHAT” you serve worship and give your life to and who owns you spiritually.

Genesis 20 3-5

The nation you live in and stand in agreement with makes YOU spiritually connected to their beliefs for good or bad. The church you believe in and stand in agreement with makes YOU spiritually connected to them for good or bad with blessings or curses.

There are some very nice people in the Roman pagan catholic church and there are some who appear blessed and holy BUT they pray to dead people they call saints who have been elevated to gods who can be prayed to for everything. Spiritually these people are cursed and are having their prayers answered by the “angel of light” the devil because they break the first commandment “no other gods except me” (Genesis 20 3-5)

I am sure there are some very nice happy and good people in the Hindu faith BUT they also have 10,500 gods they pray to, so these people are also cursed.
Genesis 11:1-9.

The book of Genesis tells us that after the flood the fallen angels again started to intervene in the affairs of man. The fallen angels inspired man to build a tower to reach the heavens and set up their own religion without Yahweh (God).
The tower was called “the tower of babble” (Genesis 11:1-9) and was in defiance to the Creator and so the Creator came down and confused their language so they could not understand each other. The people had to then scatter around the world. These people continued to defy the Creator and set up their own religions dedicated to their pagan gods … Every single religion today is in EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE as they were when they were settled by Yahweh thousands of years ago and that is why huge portions of the world are dedicated to false gods and are pagan and by default owned by the devil AND THIS allows the devil to do what he does best “kill steal and destroy” John 10:10.

So if you have ever wondered why Christianity is strong in parts of the world and nonexistent in other parts your answer is found in the Book of Genesis were it all began when The Creator scattered all the pagan religions in different directions and today we see where they settled.

Yeshua our only mediator.

The Creator of ALL THINGS takes full responsibility for everything that happens in the world because The Creator CREATED IT ALL but The Creator is NOT behind the killing or murder because that is the work of the devil who is called in the Bible “the thief” who comes to kill steal and destroy John 10:10.

"WHY OH WHY is it always the Christian God who gets the blame for all the horror in the world?

WHY do people not look at the nation the horror is happening in and ask WHAT GOD do the people worship WHAT GOD have the people given their life to WHAT GOD do they cry out to for help WHAT GOD is the god of the nation the horror is happening in?"

 If you live in Haiti and the official religion of Haiti is VOODOO yes demonic Voodoo is there official religion written in there constitution and enforced by their government THEN DO NOT BE SURPRISED when the devil kills 350,000 of these people IN JUST ONE DAY and DON'T YOU DARE BLAME the Christian Creator Yahweh BLAME THE god OF HAITI the devil.

The blessing and protection of Yahweh are given and guaranteed to ALL who follow Him BUT BUT BUT there comes a time when a people or person becomes so far away from the protection and blessing of Yahweh that the person or people become by default OWNED by the devil and then the devil who comes to kill simply KILLS all who are his and the devil has full right to kill them because these people have given their life and worship to a false god.

There are no zombies in Yahweh’s (Gods) Creation nobody is forced to follow Yahweh and be under His protection. Yahweh says “choose you this day who you will serve and follow and make your Father (God).
This is a very simple rule and a very fair rule and a just rule that gives everyone FREE WILL to choose who they will worship and follow! SIMPLE you are either protected and blessed by Yahweh or killed by the devil.

The people of Egypt were fully demonic from the Pharaoh down to the youngest child who at birth was offered up to Baal to be blessed by Baal and so in reality the child was CURSED and as the child’s life was dedicated to Baal that means Baal OWNED THE CHILD.
The whole of Egypt was owned by the devil and they were his (the devils) people. The Egyptians prayed too many gods and had many huge statues to their gods also the Pharaoh also taught he was a god. So the Egyptians were so far outside of the protection of Yahweh that the devil owned the Egyptians and so had every right to do what the devil does best to kill them.

The mother dressed in purple and scarlet.

The demonic roman catholic church makes sure that all its followers are committed to their demonic trinity church and cursed from a young age. The demonic catholic church baptises children from 2 months old into the demonic trinity these children are later christened into the demonic trinity and later confirmed into the demonic trinity were they make a verbal commitment to abide by the rules and live according to the demonic doctrines of the pagan roman church.

The people who give their life to the demonic catholic church and its catechism which is not found in the bible become owned by the god of Rome = the devil and this also applies to the followers of Protestant church and her 41,000 denominations who decide to live by the  rules of a man who calls himself god and the rules that are not found in the Bible but are part of catechism. The catechism contains the most demonic teachings of Rome and there is absolutely no salvation for anyone who follows and gives there life to following mans demonic catechism.  The catechism by default makes you cursed and not blessed.

The "mother" church of Revelation 17 is the RCC and her "harlot daughters" are the Protestant church and her 41,000 denominations. All have the DNA of the demonic trinity.
Yahweh often uses an Idiom.

Yahweh created everything and so takes responsibility for all things BUT that does not say he causes all things to happen.

FROM MY FREE BOOK A PIECE BY WAYNE CLAPP OF CFF:  ** Of course there are many apparent contradictions in the Bible that stem from the erroneous idea of God’s hurting or killing someone. Most can be reconciled with the proper understanding of the figure of speech, idiom. An idiom is a colloquialism, a peculiar manner of speaking, or an expression with a meaning that cannot be understood from the words alone. An idiom can also be described as a usage of words in a culture that has a meaning different from a strict dictionary definition. In Figures of Speech Used in the Bible, E. W. Bullinger explained that the Hebrew language has an idiom of permission, which is a unique usage of words where active verbs are sometimes used “to express, not the doing of the thing, but the permission of the thing which the agent is said to do.” For example, when Exodus 10:20 says that “the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart” it means “the Lord permitted Pharaoh’s heart to be hardened.” When II Samuel 6:7 says that “God smote him [Uzzah],” it more accurately means “God permitted him to be smitten OR because of Pharaohs heart being hardened is was no longer in line with Yahweh's and so by default Pharaoh had given his heart over to the devil. **

AN IDIOM = They are words or phrases that aren't meant to be taken literally. For example, if you say someone has “cold feet,” it doesn't mean their toes are actually cold. Rather, it means they're nervous about something. Idioms can't be deduced merely by studying the words in the phrase. Yahweh our Creator uses idioms alot when He uses words like " I hate" and "I will kill".

A modern idiom would be when your loving mother says to you "I will kill you if I see you playing on the motor way".
Here are 5 of the most common idioms that are easy to use in daily conversation:
  1. “Hit the hay.” “Sorry, guys, I have to hit the hay now!” ...
  2. “Up in the air” ...
  3. “Stabbed in the back” ...
  4. “Takes two to tango” ...
  5. “Kill two birds with one stone.” ...


To illustrate the point that The Creator has been blamed for mass murder and later was cleared and the true murderer the devil was shown to be at fault take a look at the Old Testament which contains an interesting contradiction in the story of the census taken by King David and the resulting punishment of the Israelites. This account and contradiction in our Bible also shows the Bible is NOT perfect.

God was so angered by the census that he sent a plague that killed 70,000 men According to II Samuel 24:1, the Lord had caused David to take the census – which makes the punishment appear even more nonsensical. But the truth was later made in, I Chronicles 21:1, Then Satan attacked Israel by inciting David to enumerate a census of Israel were it shows that Satan incited the census and did the killing and not Yahweh.
Exodus 12:23.

The demonic Roman churchs of the catholic's and protestants and her 41,000 denominations, teaches that the Christian Creator Yahweh killed the babies in Egypt BUT if we read Genesis 12:23 Yahweh tells us who the killer is, caps are for emphasis by me Exo 12:23 because the LORD will (ALLOW THE DEVIL) pass through to strike down the Egyptians, and when he sees the blood on the lintel and the two doorposts, the LORD will (PROTECT THE HEBREWS) pass over the doorway, and won’t allow THE DESTROYER to enter your houses to strike you down….
Yahweh had to allow the devil to kill the children because by default all of Egypt was owned by the devil.  Exodus 12:23 tells us the “DESTROYER” killed the first born.

News headlines get worse.

 “WHY” are there thousands and thousands of natural disasters happening each year affecting every nation in the world?
EM DATA (Emergency Events Database) shows that in an average year there are 350 natural disasters BUT in 2019 we saw 5670 natural disasters all were reported to be  “record breaking” and some “never before seen” in ferocity and devastation.

World news headlines are using words like “apocalyptic” and “record breaking” to explain every single natural disaster and the “record breaking” moves on to the next and the next disaster.

ALL worship to THE CREATOR and to the devil has a cause and effect. Yahweh the Creator promises life and life more abundantly (John 10:10) the devil offers nothing but death both physical and spiritual.
As I said at the start of this study "it has nothing to do with "being a nice person or a good person" life fully depends on WHO YOU WORSHIP and WHO you give your life to that matters.


Let’s now look at the world and the natural disasters with “SPIRITUAL EYES” and in a way the church never mentions and you will see there are huge blocks of the world outside the protection of Yahweh The Creator and there are huge demonic hot spots AND SO the devil kills kills kills thousands in events bigger than anything mentioned in the bible!

RELIGION OF HAITI:: Vodou, also spelled Voodoo, Voudou, Vodun, or French Vaudou, IS THE OFFICIAL RELIGION OF HAITI. The government and the people recognise voodoo as the true religion and all decisions are made according to what the voodoo high priests decide. Even the RCC has parts of its Sunday service done in voodoo.
On Jan 12-2010 the devil (John10:10) Killed 320 thousand as the earth quakes. On 20 Oct 2010 satan poisons 350 thousand. Since 1954 the devil has sent 60 storms Killing up to one million in total.
Official figures are never accurate because of the voodoo controlled government.

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god Haiti has chosen to serve.

RELIGION OF NAPEL :: Nepal is famous, as the world's only Hindu Kingdom.
Every 5 years there is a blood offering Made to the devil called “gadhimai” Were 500.000 animals are brutally killed.
2015 Nepal earthquake killed 10.000 with 25.000 injured, aftershocks go on for 30 days killing 500 more & destroying ALL yes ALL 8 of the major temples and most historic sites, 2.2 million homeless 40% of Nepal affected.

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god Napel has chosen to serve.


ON Nov 11, 1970 "Bhola Cyclone" moved into East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh, The actual number of people killed varies by source and could be as high as 500,000. A total of 10 tropical cyclones Since 1876 FOUR of those cyclones killed 100,000 or more. Most recently, Cyclone Gorky killed nearly 140,000 in 1991. In 2015 510,00 Houses and Crops were destroyed.

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god Bangladesh has chosen to serve.


CHINA MAIN RELIGION:: The government of China officially espouses state atheism no one in power is allowed to be part of an organized religion.
RELIGIONS RECONISED:: Non-religious/Chinese folk religion (including regional deities and ancestors, Confucianism, Taoism, Chinese Buddhism) (73.56%)
2.5 % Roman pagan Christianity..
Chinese “folk religion” has the view of disasters as divine retribution: tianzai (天災), literally 'heavenly disaster”

China is one of the country's most affected by natural disasters. 200 million effected each year
China had five of the world's top 10 deadliest natural disasters; Multi Millions killed since 1950
China has had six of the world's top 10 deadliest floods and landslides Multi Millions killed since 1931
China had six of the world's top 10 deadliest famines; Up to 150 million killed.
20-40 million killed between 1958 – 1961
China had 3 of the top 10 world's most fatal earthquakes, 1556 – 830.000 killed, 1976 – 780.000 killed, 2008 – 70.000 killed.

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god China has chosen to serve.


The New Orleans area has been ravaged repeatedly by hurricanes during its 200-year history, with the first major hurricane in 1722 destroying nearly every structure. From 2000 to the present, at least 28 tropical or subtropical cyclones affected NEW ORLEANS. MOST STORMS HIT IN SEPTEMBER, DURING THE “SOUTHERN DECADENCE” WITH AN AVERAGE OF 10 STORMS.
In 2005 storm Katrina hit New Orleans .. Katrina was considered by experts to be one of the worst disasters in the history of the United States. By August 31, 2005, 80% of New Orleans was flooded, with some parts under 15 feet (4.6 m) of water.

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god New Orleans has chosen to serve.


THE INDIAN OCEAN REGION:: OFFICIAL RELIGIONS:: Islam, Pagan Roman Protestantism, Pagan Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.
On dec-26-2004 the devil (john 10:10) Killed 320 thousand with water (a tsunami).
In 1958 200 thousand people died in a storm. Since 1958 in the IOR 1.8 million have died At the hand of the devil who kills his own The IOR has 39% of the world’s population.

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god the people of the IOR has chosen to serve.


Pantheism, Paganism, and Neopaganism) - IDOLS 20% PAGAN ROMAN TRINITY CHRISTIANS
Aug 2017 500-700 killed in landslide/rain. In 2004 satan starts the Ebola virus using a Bat killing 5500 and infecting 25,000 to date. Since 2000 1000s have died of cholera Ebola And landslides!

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god Sierra Leone has chosen to serve.
Genesh 2017.

Hindu festival celebrated In India - Pakistan - Nepal Were gods are immersed in water And “puja” worshiped as gods.
On Aug. 25-2017 the pagan festival Ganesh started with mudslides and rain killing 50,000 Over the 3 regions and displacing 45 million



Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god Pakistan has chosen to serve.


Sep 2018 Quake and tsunami 1000s dead Sumatra 2004 9.2 Quake killed 283,106 Tambora Volcano 1815 Killed 71,000+
In 2017 a total of 2,341 Natural Disasters occurred in Indonesia.
2013 = 1674 natural disasters…. 2014 = 1967 natural disasters
2015 = 1732 natural disasters ….. 2016 = 2342 natural disasters

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god Indonesia has chosen to serve.


THE BIBLE BELT IN AMERICA MAIN RELIGION:: Pagan Roman Catholic and Pagan Roman Protestant: ” The Cult of Isis, an Egyptian mother-goddess religion, is one of the core beliefs of these pagan church's making them all cursed with the demonic roman trinity.

In 2019 every state of the Bible belt was at one time under water. The rain that fell was horrendous and swamped and dropped a year’s supply of rain in some places in a single day.
The pagan Roman Bible belt is every single year battered by hurricanes and tornadoes and it is no coincidence that “Hurricane Alley” runs from west to east across and turns south to cover all of the Bible belt each year!

Since records began in 1950 there have been 100s of thousands killed and wounded in the Roman Bible belt in natural disasters.
The Roman pagan Bible belt has fostered the world’s most hate filled churches (the southern baptises) in the world and has pastors who are banned from most civilised nations in the world. Americas hate pastor Steve Anderson is banned from 75 nations including my pagan nation of Ireland and the social media site You Tube.

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god the pagan demonic trinity roman church has chosen to serve.

Mary was not a goddess and Yeshua was not a god.

MAIN RELIGION: ROMAN Pagan Roman Catholic and Pagan Roman Protestant: The Cult of Isis, an Egyptian mother-goddess religion, is one of the core beliefs of these pagan church's making them all cursed with the demonic roman trinity. (1 John 2:22)
In all of the church’s the members were worshipping there 3 trinity gods or persons.

Sutherland Springs church Nov 5th 2017
The devil kills 26 people including the pastor’s daughter and wounds 20

The Charleston church shooting (also known as the Charleston church massacre) 17th June 2015 The devil kills 9 including the Pastor so were was there god and why did he not warn them. Did none of these people have the gift of discerning of spirits?

Don't you dare blame the Christian Yahweh for the deaths blame the god the pagan demonic trinity roman church has chosen to serve.

Mary the SON goddess replaced Ishtar making christianity pagan.

Again it is not about being a nice person or a good person it is about WHO and WHAT you worship and give your life to serving.

American Bible Belt- Haiti – Nepal – Pakistan – Uganda – The Middle East – Africa – Bangladesh
Jamaica – New Orleans – Trinidad – Barbados – Mongolia – South America
Puerto Rico – Dominican Republic – The Bahamas – Nicaragua – Honduras
Ethiopia – Estonia and the list goes on and on because we are living in the last days when the world as proved by prophecy is now almost fully pagan and “only a few” will be saved.
EACH DECADE satan kills millions in demonic hot spots and he has every right to.

Right now every single one of the world’s lower case christian churches and ALL 41,000 denominations ARE PAGAN and all have 3 gods or 3 persons giving ALL of them “the spirit of the anti-christ 1John 2:22”.
The fact that all the worlds churches and denominations are now pagan  and our food and our earth is corrupt PROVES that we are in the very last days of the church age, and backs up the words of Yeshua who said "the end times would be the same as it was in the days of Noah".

In the days of Noah the whole world "was corrupt" and was against The Creator and was pagan except a "few". Yeshua also said that "only a few" would find the narrow path and that most will follow the wide path to destruction. In the flood only 8 were found worthy and in the Exodus out of the ORIGINAL 3.5 to 5 million who were rescued from Egypt only 2 people of the original millions were found worthy to enter the promised land.
TODAY ONLY "A FEW" will even spend the time to find the simple truth and reach our heavenly promised land.

A point to consider about the ferocity of natural disasters allot of people felt nothing and in fact there death was "in the twinkling of and eye".

In conclusion I will leave you with the open ended question "did any true sealed and sanctified followers of Yahweh die in the listed natural disasters"? I will leave you to answer that because the only question I posed in this study is "WHY is it always the Christian Creator who gets the blame for all the natural disasters when we can clearly see that huge portions of the world serve false gods... Agape to you and yours


I sincerely pray this study has blessed you.
Please consider making a donation as it would mean the world to me and I will forever keep your name in my prayers.
Agape to you and yours Niall

Revelation 18:4



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