Please take this time to question everything you know.

by Niall Mc Gowan.May. 15, 2015

Every Christian in every one of the 41,000 denominations believes we are living "in the last days" "he is at the door" and will return soon! And are shouting in joy "we are going home" and there is an air of "well done you" just sit back and wait and see "THEY" will perish "BUT WE" are saved and they are convinced and so sure. And the truth is THEY ARE delusional (2 Tess 2:11) and deceived (Rev 12:9)


Only the truth sets you free.

NOT ONE single Face Book Christian page of which there are hundreds of thousands is urging Christians to take some time to "prove you are saved"

NOT ONE single denomination out of 41,000 has had a teaching on "are you sure you are saved" OR has any teachings about "PROOFS" from the Bible you are saved OR any teaching about "you must truly repentant".

NOT ONE single pastor or bible teacher is emphatically urging people to "in the last days" MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAVED AND NOT DECEIVED?

NOT ONE single church has a program or class or DVD course on how to BE SURE YOU ARE SAVED with countless proofs from the bible that you can use as a mirror on yourself to see clearly if you are worthy of Heaven.

Acts 4:12.

DO YOU NOT THINK that if they really believed Jesus was returning they would? 1/ Question everything they know? 2/ Take whatever time they have left to prove they are in the true faith? 3/ Spend most of their time in repentance and in reflection about everything they have done and said in the name of Yahweh (God) that may have offended Him? 4/ Study each and every verse about salvation and check and then double check to see and PROVE we are saved? 5/ Cry out to Yahweh and ask Him to please save our friends and close loved ones? .

Revelation 12:9.

THE TRUTH IS: The devil has deceived the whole world (Revelation 12:9) and no one in the modern church believes that fact so let us look at some ways the devil has deceived the whole world.

1/ Almost every single Pastor and church leader says that the name Jesus is the name above all names and Jesus the only name you can use to be saved. FACT: The name Jesus is less than 450 years old. The name that the heavenly Father Yahweh gave his son was the Hebrew name Yeshua. 2/ The church world lowers the Creator to the status of a God or god. FACT: The Creator is not a God He is the Creator of ALL THINGS including the gods. 3/ The worlds churches teach that the all loving Creator torments or allows people to be tormented for eternity (trillions and trillions of years). FACT: The wages of sin is death not eternal torment. The teaching of eternal torment equates the all loving Creator with torture and pain which are the attributes of the devil. The teaching of a tormenting Creator is blasphemy and will not be forgiven.

BIBLICAL EVEDENCE: Yahweh loves you unconditionally.

BIBLICAL BLASPHEMY: Yahweh torments you for eternity.

If you reject the truth Yahweh will reject you.

RIGHT NOW: The devil has the church where he wants them "comfortably numb and dumb" sitting in comfort in there polished church buildings were God does not dwell (Acts 7:48) and the devil has every Christian wearing their salvation like a badge of honor.

The devil has given the church the most vicious "spirit of religion" that WILL NOT ALLOW anyone to question anything TAUGHT by anyone in the church. The spirit of religion is vicious and leads to indoctrination and brainwashing. Because the church going people have rejected the truth the devil has given them a strong delusion so that they should believe a lie and perish along with any people who are drawn into the lies of the church were judgment will be harsh and were judgment starts (1 Peter 4:17) . Yahweh is in the last days pouring out His Spirit on ALL FLESH (Acts 2:17) because the church has failed and Yahweh Himself must now do the saving.

Right now The Creator is bringing judgment on the fake church by separating the wheat from the chaff the tares from the wheat and His people from the devils and when the Lord Yeshua returns His job will be easy... The chaff and tares will be removed from the church and burned first. The Creator has put out the call to "come out of her" (Rev 18:4) she is the Roman church "the harlot" (Rev 17) and her daughters the 41,000 protestant denominations...

The worst place you can be in the last days is a church that is not calling for true repentance and reflection and has a true urge to challenge EVERYTHING!


Please understand when Yeshua returns there will not be a next time. So please take this short time to question everything you know.

"Are you on the narrow path or wide path".




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