When will the saints judge the Earth.

by Author Niall Mc Gowan.Sep. 27, 20153

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During the 1000 year reign of Yeshua the saints will have much to do, firstly we will be judged at the Bema seat of our Saviour.

2 Corinthians 5:9-11.

We will continue to learn about The Creator and His perfect will for us in the new heaven and earth and the role we will play in ruling and reigning with Christ over the meek who will inherit the NEW earth (Matt 5:5). The Creator God will then open the books and ask the believers to judge the world from their unique perspective, as the Creator cannot feel tired or weary (James 1:13) or be tempted (James 1:13)


The Creator was not a man (Numbers 23:19) or feel lost and disheartened, WE KNOW how hard the struggles on earth are for unsaved persons as we were also unsaved and sinners and The Creator was not.

1 Corinthians 6:2 Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world?




We will feel blessed to judge the evil angles and the world for how they tempted and pushed the people we know to sin we will see the spiritual reasons why our friends fell and how fallen angels effected people’s lives that we loved and how they rejected help. When we see and understand how evil angles opened all the wrong doors so that our friends and family were pushed and led into bondage to sin so that they could not escape and we will have empathy for them and we will not hold any grudge for how they hurt us.

We will then get to judge every single person WHO EVER came in contact with us in life and effected our journey to salvation for good or evil and judge every word of God spoken to us directly or indirectly from every pastor and teacher and how it negatively or positively affected us and our salvation and the salvation of others. Everything will be clear to us leaving us to have a conscience free life with no regrets just peace, joy and love.

Job 37:23.

After the saints have judged every person in their life in a just and perfect way looking at physical and spiritual evidence they will then hand their findings to the Creator who will be the final supreme and just judge taking everything into account from a human and spiritual perspective and this is The Creators perfect balanced judgement were no stone will be left unturned, about the people and evil angles being judged.


All The Creators ways are just, a Creator of truth and not injustice (duet 32:4) The Creator is perfect in power and justice and He does not oppress (job 37:23)... There will be punishment for the wicked but The Creator never tells us what the punishment will be because if He did it would give false Christians something to beat people up with. The idea of hell for people was added to the bible and contradicts the unconditional and unending love of The Creator that got me a man who was addicted to porn alcohol and drugs into a transformed man blessed with full time fellowship with The Creator who I can call “ABBA FATHER”.

  The Creator Yahweh does not draw people to Him with the fear of punishment He draws people to Him as a mother hen draws her chicks under her wings in protection love and guidance (Matthew 23:37) and the promise of spending a life in eternity filled with peace joy, happiness and Love as a son and daughter that The Creator calls “HEIRS” and joint heirs with Jesus Christ to the Kingdom.

The wages of sin is death not eternal torment.

The wicked who die DO NOT live forever! They die, perish, blotted out of the book of the living, it will be as if the evil had never been.

Romans 6:23 is clear that the wages of sin IS DEATH not eternal torment and that the GIFT of Yahweh is "eternal life" so only the believers in the life and times of Yeshua will live forever the sinners will simply die.


I sincerely pray this study has blessed you.
Please consider making a donation as it would mean the world to me and I will forever keep your name in my prayers.
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