Who really killed all the babies.

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It is a shocking fact the every one of the world’s 41,000 Christian denominations and churches along with the Jewish religion teaches that The All Loving and Merciful Creator killed every child in Egypt in order to force the pharaoh into letting the Hebrews go free.

The idea of a killing Creator must be challenged because it makes the Creator out to be a megalomaniac and murderer and that alienates millions who want nothing to do with the murdering Christian Creator. The Creator of ALL THINGS takes full responsibility for everything that happens in the world because The Creator CREATED IT ALL but is NOT behind the killing or murder that is the work of the devil who is called in the Bible “the thief” who comes to kill steal and destroy John 10:10.

We have free will to choose who we serve.

And because The Creator created all thing and gave all things FREE WILL He the Creator is hugely saddened when He sees the devil kill steal and destroy and in His Holiness The Creator takes full responsibility for all that happens for good or bad after all He Created it all.



To illustrate the point that The Creator has been blamed for mass murder and later was cleared and the true murderer the devil was shown to be at fault take a look at the Old Testament which contains an interesting contradiction in the story of the census taken by King David and the resulting punishment of the Israelites.

God (in this case the lower case god the devil) was so angered by the census that he sent a plague that killed 70,000 men According to II Samuel 24:1, the Lord had caused David to take the census – which makes the punishment appear even more nonsensical. But the truth was later made in, I Chronicles 21:1, were it shows that Satan incited the census and did the killing. ”

The blessing and protection of Yahweh are given and guaranteed to ALL who follow Him. BUT there comes a time when a people or person becomes so far away from the protection and blessing of Yahweh that the person or people become by default OWENED by the devil. Then the devil who comes to kill simply KILLS all who are on his side.

The devil has full right to kill people who are his by default because these people have given their life and worship to a false god. There are no zombies in Yahweh’s (Gods) Creation nobody is forced to follow Yahweh and be under His protection. Yahweh says “choose you this day whom you will serve and follow and make your Father (God).

Exodus 20:3-5

Never forget Yahweh wants you in Heaven the devil has nothing to offer except death and because of that when you give your life to the devil which is any god who is not The Creator all you have to look forward to is death! When you give your worship to the devil you are his and he is yours and you will be killed because the devil has nothing else to offer.


The first 3 commandments are about “prayer and worship” to Yahweh (God)

1/ have NO OTHER gods except Yahweh …

2/ do not bow down, agree with or worship any other god.

3/ do not make statues of any god including Yahweh and pray to them and worship them.

The devil wants people dead The Creator wants people saved protected and blessed and if you give your life to the devil the only thing the devil offers IS DEATH AND YOU WILL BE KILLED BY HIM!

The people of Egypt were fully demonic from the Pharaoh down to the youngest child who at birth was offered up to Baal and blessed (cursed) by Baal and the child’s life was dedicated to Baal. Baal was a false demonic god and so was the devil in reality.

The whole of Egypt was owned by the devil and they were his (the devils) people. The Egyptians prayed too many gods and had many huge statues to their gods also the Pharaoh also taught he was a god. So the Egyptians were so far outside of the protection of Yahweh that the devil owned the Egyptians and so had every right to do what the devil does best to kill them.


Now as we have seen Yahweh created all things and so blames himself for the deaths of the children. So now lets look at a huge truth the modern church never teaches about WHO REALLY killed the babies in Egypt.

If we read Genesis 12:23 Yahweh tells us who the killer is, caps are for emphasis by me::

Exo 12:23 because the LORD will (ALLOW THE DEVIL) pass through to strike down the Egyptians, and when he sees the blood on the lintel and the two doorposts, the LORD will (PROTECT THE HEBREWS) pass over the doorway, and won’t allow THE DISTROYER to enter your houses to strike you downn

Exodus 12:23 tells us the “DISTROYER” killed the first born.


Why does the modern church not teach that the devil killed the babies?

The Creator protected HIS PEOPLE and the devil killed his children.

WOW GIVE YAHWEH PRAISE! The antichrist church teaches that Yahweh killed all the children in Egypt BUT the Bible tells us IT WAS THE DESTROYER = THE DEVIL.

The devil who does ALL the killing in the bible the devil whose only job is to STEEL YOUR SALVATION, KILL YOUR LIFE AND DESTROY WHAT YAHWEH CALLES HOLY..


John 10:10


John 10:10  The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. 

I sincerely pray this study has blessed you.
Please consider making a donation as it would mean the world to me and I will forever keep your name in my prayers.
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