Was it a "serpant" or "the shining one".

by Niall Mc Gowan .Jan . 10, 20183

In order to have power over the devil we must be wise to his ways of deceiving us..... We are warned that false teaches (demons) are dressed as SHEEP but are really “wolves” dressed up as Christians..
We are also warned that Satan WILL NEVER deceive you with something he tells us IS BAD FOR YOU.. Satan WILL ALWAYS deceive you with something he says IS GOOD FOR YOU and the truth will always be TWISTED.

John 14.

We are also warned that the “tares” that are in every church without exception are called “sons of the devil” (Matt 13:25 - Matt 13:29) and that they look the same as Christians and they talk and walk and fellowship and even believe the same things as Christians and that they “the tares” sons of the devil grow alongside the Christians and cannot be removed by Christians as they can only be removed by “the reaper angles IN THE LAST DAYS (Matt 13:29)

The account of “the serpent” deceiving Eve in the King James Version of the Bible is DEADLY WRONG and underestimates the demonic brilliance of Yahwehs enemy and our adversary SATAN.
Eze 28 The beautiful and wise anointed angle, the shining one and the morning star..

Just look at the Church of today it is powerless and pitiful BECAUSE we do not know our adversary.

Matthew 4:1-11.

The devil fully believes in Yeshua and the devil even spent time with Yeshua and the devil mentions Yeshua by His name (Acts 19:15). The devil can say the words Yeshua Saviour BECAUSE when the devil says Yeshua IT IS just words to him and carry no power...

Dont forget the devil tryed to tempt Yeshua with something the devil said "would be good".

The church has been in apostasy (changing true doctrine to lies) since the day of Pentecost when the devil saw the Supernatural Power given to the Apostles in the upper room. Since Pentecost the life saving and life changing Gospel of Yeshua has been watered down and sugar coated by the devil that it is now of no effect and that NOW the church is powerless and pitiful having ONLY a form of Godliness!

God is Light.

We must come back and again understand that the words "Yeshua " are like NO OTHERS, they are Spiritual and when said by a Son and Heir to the Kingdom, carries the FULL power and authority of THE CREATOR YAHWEH OF ALL FLESH, to heal and to cast out demons and so much more.

In Acts 3:6 we see THAT PETER SAID AND MADE IT CLEAR whose name the power to heal was in.... Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I you: In the name of Yeshua Saviour of Nazareth rise up and walk.

In Acts 26:14-15, it says that the Apostle Paul real name Saul heard the name of the Son of God pronounced "in the Hebrew tongue" by the Son of God Himself, so he certainly didn't hear the English name Jesus, but rather the Hebrew name, the name above all names - YESHUA

2nd Corinthians 11:14.

Today it astonishes me to see so called world leading pastors say "in Jesus name" to almost everything and on face book it is worse as so called Christians shorten everything the Creator God is now "G-d" the word AMEN is now "N".

Take notice of EVERYONE in church and on TV how they do everything in the name Jesus and demon pastors claim to heal "in Jesus name".........The name Jesus is a common name used by over a million people in Mexico and around the world and IS TOTALLY POWERLESS...

Our Lord and saviour was born to Hebrew parents and was given the Hebrew name Yeshua and Yeshua is the name above all names. The shocking words in Revelation 12:9 that the devil has deceived the whole world should send shivers through the heart of any person wanting to know the truth that sets you free and gives you power.

When Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel is named in any language in the world his name is always pronounced Benjamin Netanyahu.. When Benjamin Netanyahu's name appears in any news paper in any language in the world is it always written as Benjamin Netanyahu.. No one's name is ever translated or transliterated SO WHY did the devil change Yeshua TO Iesous then to Jesus ? ANSWER To deceive the whole world to follow a fake powerless made up name!

Be wise to the devil.

Eve was tempted by THE SHINING ONE and not a serpent.  The devil uses the church to teach that the devil is grotesque and horrible. The Bible warns us that the devil is transformed into and angel of light and deceives the whole world. How will the devil deceive the whole world?

The devil will use the Bible that Paul said would be taught in the last days as a doctrine of demons. The church makes the “paper and ink” of the Bible A GOD and an idol and billions of church goers will perish and die never seeing heaven but putting their trust in words on paper that change every time a new bible version is released. There are now 920 different versions of the “paper and ink” Bible and most disagree with each other.
Using the name Jesus IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

Believing the Bible is perfect and without mistakes IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!
Believing that you ONLY need to say a simple prayer to be saved IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU.
There are many things the devil in the church says “IS GOOD FOR YOU” please do not be deceived “question everything you are told in church and “test it” against what The Holy Spirit tells you..
The devil will never tell you something is BAD FOR YOU. The devil will always tell you IT IS GOOD FOR YOU AND YOU WILL NOT SURLY DIE.

Study for yourself.

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